Key Features

Avoid the limitations of other software!  Let A&D provide you new, sophisticated, and more powerful capabilities . . . .

Easier and More Comprehensive Data Entry  
  Fast, comprehensive, and flexible individual and family data recording.  
  Full support of Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Protestant, and other events.  
  Very easy entry, display, and printing of French, German, Scandinavian, Spanish, and other characters of the Western European languages (such as á, ä, â, à, å, ç Ç, ñ, ö, Ö, and ß).  
  Very easy entry of marriages, engagements, common-law, polygamous, and other relationship types—as well as divorces, annulments, gets, legal separations, etc.  
  Easy entry of household information—such as census data, historical residences, current addresses, telephone numbers, and move events.  
  Sophisticated source recording and source management.  
  Very easy entry of dates directly in their original Gregorian, Julian, Jewish/Hebrew, French Republican, or even B.C. form—with date-accuracy/event-reliability indicators.  
  Extremely fast and simple linking of records—including fully automatic linking of individuals to their parents and very easy resequencing of children, residents, or sources.  
Flexible Outputs  
  Over 150 standard reports—including Ancestor Charts, Descendant Reports, Family Group Sheets, statistical reports, source management reports, etc.  
  Easy export of reports to text files for use in any word processor.  
  Full GEDCOM import and export.  
Superior Operations  
  Easy-to-read, high quality, and comprehensive user manuals.  
  Easy maintenance of multiple family histories (databases). 
  Lightning-fast operation regardless of whether you have 90, 900, or 9000 individuals. 
  Logon and security options to support multiple users and automatic posting of user name and update date.  
  Built-in backup and restore capabilities—with up to 3,200 individuals stored on a single 3½-inch diskette.  
  Consistent, uncluttered, and easy-to-read screens—across all DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and OS/2 environments, and with full laptop and notebook support.  
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All of these important features and many more are available now with A&D.  No other system has as many unique features.

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