Individual Record 43

Name}   Duhig, Patricia Jane (Patty) Family History} Hancock                 
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Female
Birth:   Date} Exa    3 Apr 1947 Place} St. Helena Sanitarium, Dear Park, Napa, California
Marr.: Date} Fam 27 Jul   1968 Place} Napa, Napa, California      (Link)
Marr.: Date} Exa 14 May 1977 Place} Reno, Washoe, Nevada     (Link)
Death: Date} Exa   8 Apr  2004 Place} 1147 Hardman Avenue, Napa, California
Burial: Date} Exa 14 Apr  2004 Place} Cremated, Urn given to Jennifer Bunker
  Grave Marker} No
Source 1} 701 = Photograph
Source 2} 408 = Marriage rec
Source 3} 289 = Cookbook
Source 4} 836 = Photograph
Source 5} 415 = Address list
Source 6} 316 = Obituary
Source 7} 538 = Letter
Source 8} 593 = Letter
Source 9} 686 = Interview
Source 10}681 = Obituary
Source 11}1093=Death certif
Source 12}1164=Letter
Parents: } Stewart Morton Duhig & Viola Clide Williams
   Relationship No.}   11
1st Household No.}   39 = 1206 Banks Avenue, Napa, California
      Occupation 1} Housewife
       Occupation 2} Secretary
Spouses:    First} Restricted information
              Second} Bunker, Walter Garth
 Total Number of} 2
Patricia Jane Duhig Notes:  The photo at the right shows Patty at about age 8.  She graduated from Napa High School in 1965.  Patty's brief marriage in 1968 was quickly annulled.

Patty's second marriage in 1977 lasted for over 23 years.  In 1979 she did the art work for her mother's cookbook Vi's Vittles. The photo below shows Patty at Katharine Hancock's funeral in Westminster, California, on 14 Mar 1987.

After the death on 12 Sep 1997 of Toni Walker, Garth's first wife, Patty travelled to Southern California from Texas to help with the details and the packing and moving of Toni's stuff.  Patty later said she wished so much it had been her, not Toni who died that day.

Patty returned to Napa following the death of her husband Garth in September 2000.  She passed on at age 57 on 8 Apr 2004 due to colon cancer — the same cancer that earlier had killed her husband.
Time of Birth}   Time of Death} 10:56 A.M. Fraternal/Social}  
Baptism Date} Fam 1948 Place} Methodist Church, Napa   Patricia Jane Duhig
Confirm. Date}   Photo} Patty in 1987
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade} High school diploma
Military: Service} None
Health Condition} Colon cancer
  Cause of Death} Respiratory failure
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by} Dan Hancock
Date Updated} 14 Sep 2009
Date Created}  17 Jun 1994
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