Individual Record 1757

Name}   Martin, Bertrum Ernest (Bert) Family History} Hancock              
  Title}   Race} White Sex} Male
Birth:   Date} Fam  5 Aug 1916 Place} Vallejo, Solano, California
Marr.: Date} Fam 27 Sep 1942 Place} Minden, Douglas, Nevada     (Link)
Death: Date} Exa    7 Feb 1960 Place} 1105 Hedgeside Avenue, , Napa, California
Burial: Date} Exa 10 Feb 1960 Place} Tulocay Mausoleum, Napa, Napa, California
  Grave Marker} Yes
Source 1} 862 = 1920 USA cen
Source 2} 818 = 1930 USA cen
Source 3} 1530=1940 USA cen
Source 4} 737 = Photographs
Source 5} 1490=Photographs
Source 6} 541 = Death record
Source 7} 817 = Obituary
Source 8}   30 = Cemetery rec
Source 9} 867 = Family history
Source 10}1119=Family history
Parents: } Otto John Martin Sr. & Bertha C. Rumble
   Relationship No.} 592
1st Household No.} 158 = Tulocay Mausoleum, Napa
      Occupation 1} Sheet metal worker
       Occupation 2}  
Spouses:   Prime} Lindquist, Helen M.
 Total Number of} 1
young Bert Martin Bert Martin & team Leola Hancock & Bert Martin Notes:  Bert was a native of Vallejo, California, and graduated from high school there.  The first photo at the right shows him at age 15 with Leola Hancock, who was soon to become his sister-in-law.  He was active in high school sports and was an attractive young man.

Bert Martin Bert was an avid photographer, enjoyed fishing with friends (click on the photo at the left), and remained single until he was 26. Bert Martin

Bert had quite a sense of humor.  He proposed by asking, something to the effect of 'do you like karats?'.  Also, when taking his sister-in-law Agnes home to Berkeley, he would ask 'am I going DeWight Way?', which was a street en route to her home.

Bert worked at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, served his apprenticeship there, was a member of the Mare Island Leadermen's and Quartermen's Association, and the ex-Apprentice' Association.  But by 1970 Bert was despondent because he had been passed over for promotion due to not having been a World War II veteran.  He was told at the outset of the war that he was more valuable on the home front.

In the morning of 6 Feb 1960, Bert kept an appointment with his physician.  He had been under the doctor's care for some time, but we don't know why.

The next evening Bert was despondent and not feeling well.  He went outdoors at 6:30 P.M. when his wife and four children sat down for dinner.  When he failed to return she searched for him and found his body hanging in the garage.  She, Piner Ambulance Service attendants, and his physician worked without success to revive him.

Bert was 43½ years old at the time of his death — and the youngest of his four children was 10.
Time of Birth}   Time of Death} 6:45 P.M. Fraternal/Social}  
Baptism Date}   Place}     Click to enlarge
Confirm. Date}   Photo} Bert in his later years
Immigr'n Date} N/A Port} N/A
Education: Grade} High school, 3rd year
Military: Service} None
Health Condition}  
  Cause of Death} Suicide
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