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Description:       Source Type}   Newspapers Family History} Hancock
Nora Hancock's collection of 71 newspaper articles clipped and pasted into a Sears Auto Cycle - 1910 catalog.  In almost all cases, neither the name of the newspaper from which each clipping was cut nor the publication date was recorded by Nora.  The articles are from the years 1908 to 1912.  The following articles are included in this collection:
  • Page 5:  Quiet Wedding of Rudolph Riehl and Miss Myrtle Samuels.
  • Page 5:  Two Serenades of Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Hancock.  Hand annotated "Sept. 1, 1911".  (Full text)
  • Page 17:  Were Married — Miss Nora Samuels and Wilfred Hancock Wedded In City.  Hand annotated "Aug. 8, 1911".  (Full text)
  • Page 17:  Death of Mrs. Samuels, wife of Mr. D. Samuels.
  • Page 19:  Were Wedded — Miss Marion V. Hicks and Walter H. Murphy Were Married Christmas.  Hand annotated "1911".  (Full text)
Note:  The original catalog was inherited by John Martin of Vallejo.  Upon his death it will go to Dianne Lynn Martin Craft.  Hancock Source 135 is a reproduced copy of the original catalog.
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